Traits of a Winner


Thoroughbred trainer Carl Nafzger took 84 year-old Frances Genter’s gawky yearling, Unbridled, and turned him into a Kentucky Derby winner and Breeders’ Cup Champion. Millions of television viewers were touched as Nafzger hugged the frail first lady of the turf and declared, “You’ve won the Kentucky Derby! I love you!” Now Nafzger gives you his methods for developing champion Thoroughbreds in his book, Traits of a Winner: The Formula for Developing Thoroughbred Racehorses. In it he explains the four traits every champion racehorse must have and how to find those traits and develop them. Nafzger explains the key elements in successful Thoroughbred ownership. He tells you what to look for in a racing prospect, how much you should spend and how to bid during an auction. Nafzger gives you the key elements to breaking young horses so they reach the racetrack fit and ready to go to work. Once at the track, Nafzger tells you how to get “inside the horse’s mind” and design a training program specifically for the individual. Nafzger shares his secrets for winning. He tells you when you should hire the best jockey and when you shouldn’t, how to shoe your horses so they remain sound, and how to feed for optimum performance. You will learn how to ship into races so your horse arrives ready to race, how to campaign the Derby prospect, allowance runners, older horses and claimers.

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