On the Fifth Dimension

In attempting to explain the concept of the fifth dimension, Einstein likened it to an unknown force that can stretch and squeeze and bend the universe. It’s as if the universe is a piece of rubber and the fifth dimension is the force that molds and shapes it. For scientists like Einstein, the fifth dimension is some as yet unknown and unobservable physical force acting on our known world. They hypothesize its existence based on the observable effects from the actions of that force. It’s like gravity. You can’t “see” gravity but you can observe the effects of gravity, hence, you can conclude its existence.

Scientists are not the only ones who have been fascinated with the idea of a fifth dimension. Philosophers and theologians have long been interested in the idea as well. Scientists, however, are searching for a neutral, physical force acting upon the physical world without conscious purpose. Philosophers and theologians, on the other hand, are searching for a fifth dimension force that is some sort of conscious force that can act with a purpose. They ask, is this fifth dimension force something like a collective human conscious or is it God himself?

What scientists and philosophers and theologians often share is this basic human need for proof of the existence of something. Scientists are placing their faith in technological advances that they hope will one day allow them to observe this fifth dimension force. In the interim, they have applied a common scientific approach that uses what can be observed – what is known – to conclude the existence of the unknown. We easily accept the existence of the first three dimensions because we can see them, hear them, touch them and even mold them, such as when we use physical materials to build something. The fourth dimension of time is not so challenging for most because while we can’t “see” time, we can observe the effects of time. We can see things grow and change over time.

We have also become much more accepting of the existence of physical things we cannot see because of scientific advances. Modern-day science and technology have made it possible for us to observe things in the physical world that our five senses alone cannot grasp. There are physical particles that are so infinitely small we can hardly imagine their existence but technology has made it possible for scientists to observe them. And even what we cannot observe directly in the physical world we have come to accept. This is because we now generally believe in the scientific approach of using what can be observed to conclude the existence of what can’t be observed. Most people seem to accept the existence of black holes even though no human has ever seen one. Scientists tell us that black holes are so dense that even light can’t escape them and hence, they cannot be seen. However, what scientists can see are the effects of a black hole. When objects come near a black hole, such as a star, they get sucked in and the heat throws off x-rays. Scientists can observe objects disappearing in space and x-rays being emitted from a dark space. Their conclusion has been that something exists in that dark, invisible space that has a gravitational force so strong that it pulls in anything around it. That something is what we all call a black hole and most of us accept that they exist.  

Using what we know and can observe to conclude the existence of things that are unknowns and not detectable by our physical senses, is really an approach to discovery and understanding that we all use in our lives nearly every day. How do you understand the meaning of a word you have never seen before? By using the words in the sentence that you do know to help you grasp the meaning of the new word. Every day you discover things you did not know before – new words, new places, new ideas. With each of these new discoveries, you reduce the number of “unknowns” in your life and add more “knowns.”  

I don’t know if scientists will one day be able to directly observe a physical force acting upon our known universe – a fifth dimension force. If so, and if that fifth dimension force is another physical force, like gravity, then we must ask the question of whether there is a sixth dimension or even more beyond that. Some scientists have already suggested multiple dimensions. We hypothesize about a fifth dimension but at the moment, any dimension beyond the fourth is as yet an unknown. What separates religion from science, in my view, is the religious belief that at the end of it all, however many dimensions there might be, the dimension above all others is that of a conscious entity acting upon the universe for a purpose. As a Christian, I believe that despite the enormity of this universe, that conscious entity – God – cares about individual me. And not only does it care, but it shapes my little corner of the universe in ways that can help me live a fulfilling life here on Earth that will also help me find my way to His dimension of existence when I die. And at the same time that God is shaping my tiny part of the universe for me, He is doing the same for millions of others who are searching for the purpose of their lives.   

In my own way, I have used the scientific approach to conclude that God is this final dimension – the fifth or one beyond that. There are known elements from God’s dimension that can be observed in our dimension. We have His guidance in the form of the Bible and in the Ten Commandments. Scientists learn through observations of the world around them. Christians can do the same. Look at your own life and that of others. Such observations will show that those who follow God’s guidance have found peace and contentment. They have achieved success and by success I mean that they have discovered the unique essence of self that God gave them and are living in harmony with that essence. This internal peace and harmony is what so many religions seek. When Christians find it, it opens a window into God’s dimension where we will ultimately live after this life. 

The scientific approach generally relies on the five physical senses aided by technology to directly detect the fifth dimension. But to discover God’s dimension, you must use the “knowns” that God has given – His guidance through the Bible and the Ten Commandments – to put your life on the path God set for you. In other words, you must take a leap of faith and trust God to be this invisible force acting on your life. You must let Him help you discover the essence of who you are and what you are meant to do with your life. Once you are on that right path, your physical life will be in sync with your spiritual essence. What emerges from that is another sense that you have not yet discovered. It is one that will let you “feel” that fifth dimension power of God guiding you through this physical life.

In a human life, the three spatial dimensions link to the fourth dimension of time with three key spatial points – conception, birth and death. As a Christian, I believe that at death we merge into that dimension that is God. Death is that point at which the “soul” or essence of the person is released from the physical world we’ve known and merges into this other dimension. This release is the moment of truth. In life, we might try to hide our true self and even deny the essence of who we really are, but in death, what is truly in our hearts – the essence of who we really are – is what is released to our god or gods. The opportunity to become the person that you want to present to the Triune God at death, is now, in this lifetime.

Up until our last breath in life, we will make mistakes. What matters is awareness of those mistakes, learning from those mistakes and – very importantly – asking for and accepting forgiveness for those mistakes. Among Christians, this concept of forgiveness is important, even during one’s physical life. You must accept God’s forgiveness and stop being angry at yourself for whatever failures you feel you have in this life. Only by letting go will you be able to feel the flow of God’s energy through your life. It is those moments in your life that you feel the flow of God’s energy that you momentarily touch His dimension. And it is at the moment of death, when your spiritual essence is completely released and through the forgiveness of the Triune God. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), that you merge into His dimension.

In my book Why, I discuss my own journey in life to the discovery of my essence and an understanding of my relationship to the Triune God. My hope is that the book will help people discover their own, unique essence and learn how to put their lives on paths that lead to their individual success. Following God’s guidance won’t eliminate adversity in life because very often adverse events are there to help you learn. Lessons that come from adversity help you discover your essence and figure out where you are meant to go in your life. God gives you understanding when you are ready for it. Once you discover the essence of your self and have learned how to put your life on a path for your success, then you will begin to comprehend the fifth dimension – God’s dimension. You can find your way there if you start with what you know. Observe your life now. Reflect back on your life and think about where you have been, how you got there and what you learned along the way. Starting with what you know of your life will help you “know” what future might be ahead of you. You need that information to determine whether to stay on your current path or change your path.

I did this at one point in my rodeo career. I looked at where I was in my life and I looked back at the road I had traveled in my life to reach that point. I analyzed the events in my life that had moved me in various directions. Using what I knew about my life to that point, I knew what it would require of me to keep going in my current direction and I got a good idea of where I would end up if I stayed on the same path in life. My conclusion from that life analysis was that if I kept riding bulls and living the lifestyle I was living, I would end up nowhere. I looked at what my life up to that point had done to me physically and mentally. With those “knowns”, I was able to conclude that my current path would ultimately destroy me and I had a pretty good idea of how long it would take for that to happen. So, I changed my direction in life.  

I am not saying that you can accurately predict your future, but I am saying that your life from this point backwards is known.

Can we actually detect the fifth dimension? If that is the dimension in which God acts, then I think yes, for fleeting moments. However, it requires faith and a willingness to release your life into God’s hands. When you do that, you will actually have moments in your life where you will sense an instant understanding of who you are and where you need to go. Those are moments when you have, for just an instant, touched the fifth dimension.  


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